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Our placemats are made from extremely durable melamine and are backed with either a baize backing or cork to protect your furniture from scratches and wear. The mats are 4.8mm thick and with very little care will give many years of service. We believe in products for life rather than planned obsolesence! They are heat resistant up to 140 degrees and can be easily wiped clean (please don't put them in a dishwasher). Our sets of placemats are made up of 6 different images within a theme. Our current ranges include; colourful Garden Flowers, stylish Black & White Garden Flowers, British Wild Flowers and our very popular Sea Food themed range. All the placemats feature stunning and contemporary images and for the real botanists and gardeners out there, we have most of our images labelled with Latin nomenclature too.

Placemats are 290mm x 215mm x 4.8mm.

th placemats_7 B & W placemat label sea theme placemat label spring placemat label White placemat label th fordton_021