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British Wild Flowers

These stunningly beautiful images taken with a macro lens highlight the exquisite beauty of our native hedgerow wild flowers. They are commonly found growing by waysides all over the country and are particularly prolific in our beautiful county of Devon. Often overlooked in our hectic lives, it was regular walking, running and driving down local lanes that gave Vicki the inspiration for the series, orginally entitled 'Innocent Beauty - Devon Hedgerows' and first produced for an exhibition at the Birdwood House Gallery in Totnes. Wild flowers featured in this range include; cow parlsey, wild garlic, yarrow, sticthwort, dog rose, blackthorn and convolvulos.


Currently available in this range are a set of 4 coasters, set of 6 placemats, 2 matching serving mats, 2 tea towels and a recycled, tempered glass platter.

We pride ourselves on quality; quality of our goods and quality of our service.

We don't believe in todays throw away society.


Our products are products for life.

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